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Management Policy

  • We provide products to meet customer’s satisfaction.
  • We continue to acquire leading technology and technical knowledge.
  • We contribute to the development of society through our policy.


Takeuchi is proud of introducing ourselves as a leading company in the area of high frequency, high vacuum and high temperature technology.
We provide academic research, designing of equipment, electric and electronic control, sequence control, their manufactory with through production system.

Through production means from design to complete products by Controlling a single screw to large cooling unit.
By these systems, we globally contribute to the development of many projects in private, public and academic sectors.

Next Challenge by Takeuchi

  • We Takeuchi electric Co., Ltd. are comprehensive manufacturers of special physics and chemistry equipment & industry electromechanical that places Hyogo Prefecture Amagasaki City a headquarters.
  • Especially, we are skillful at the high frequency and the high vacuum technology. We can boast of the overwhelming major market share in the next generation semiconductor research device that freely controls the high vacuum (P<10-4Pa)and the high temperature at degree (2000˚C - 3000˚C)
  • The semiconductor research of state-of-the-art and of the uppermost stream in Japan, for example, next generation semiconductor, practical use of the fuel cell, next generation solar battery and next generation LED, etc. are going with our equipment.

Company Facilities

Total Production System - Designing, manufacturing, trial run and adjustment

Changes of design and size occurs frequently especially systems for research institute and large-size plants.
To solve it, we prepare our production system well organized.
Since our factory and head office are very near, we can assemble and adjust it immediately after designing a product.


Plant for research institute, system for automated production line and large-size plant which needs large amount of electricity and cooling water

Especially for RF applied system, large amount of cooling water and large capacity of electric power facility are needed.
In our factory, trial run and adjustment of large-size plant can be done because 2.8t crane, cooling unit (300kW) and electric power supply (1,000kVA) are installed. Various machines & tools are installed in order to meet the requirements for welding and parts production due to changes of production process.

Our product offering:

Our Solutions

From standard systems to custom tailored solutions, we offer a variety of solutions:


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