RF High Temperature Reactors

Industry-leading sublimation systems

Large Single Crystal Growth Equipment for Wide Band Gap Materials

Sublimation systems TA-SUB 1 offers :

  • Unmatched reproducibly accuracy of :±1mm
  • Ease of operation and processing
  • Custom made, easy to handle quartz tube
  • Easy to handle and easy to set crucible
  • Easy and user friendly recipe set up

TA-SUB 1 capabilities:

Heating Temperature 2500°C (Max)
Crucible Size 2 - 6inch
Hot Zone Control Auto Temperature controller (for RF output)
Work Coil Position controller
Speed Control Range Fast: 1~10mm/sec Slow: 0.05 - 5mm/h
Moving Range: ±75mm Unit of Coil Position: 0.1mm
1μm/h is also available (optional).
Crucible Rotation 0.3 - 2 rpm (Max)
Vacuum System P < 1.33×10-4Pa (no load, room Temp.)
Ambient Gas Ar, N2
Pressure Control Range 1 - 100kPa
Setting Area 3100w × 1700d × 3500h
Leak Rate Below 5×10-8Pa, m3 /sec(He)

State of the art

Compact High Temperature Reactor


TA-CB1 offers:

Reactor Vertical Quartz tube
Specimen Size 1 - 2inch
Heating Method RF induction
RF Generator 5kW - 20kW, 20kHz
Temperature 1700°C - 2700°C
Temp. Monitor pyrometer
Vacuum Unit Rotary Pump, Turbo Molecular Pump, Pirani Gauge, Cold Cathode Gauge
Vacuum Range P < 1.33×10-3Pa (no load, room Temp.)
Gas Control Mass Flow Controller x 2sets(Ar, N2)
With Manual Operation
Unit Size 800 × 1600 × 1600(mm)

State of the art

High temperature CVD system with stable running


TA-CVD1 offers:

Achieved Vacuum P < 1.33×10-4Pa
Heating Temperature 2000°C
Equipment size 1350×800×1750(H)
Control Unit
  • Size: 550×660×1500
  • Operated with Touch Panel
  • Auto Controleof Pressure and temperatureUsing program controller

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