Unique Systems & Products

RF applied systems:


We design and manufacture in house, the most advanced RF work coil for induction heating, high frequency power supply, RF applied system and induction hardening machine.

Induction Hardening systems:


We design and manufacture in house, the most advanced automated induction hardening machine with RF applied technology.

State of the art High Vacuum Systems:


We design and manufacture in house, the most advanced automated single crystal growth equipment, SiC CVD equipment, CVD gas box unit, dry pump & exhaust unit with a turbo molecular pump.
Our systems offer the highest cost of ownership in the industry with unmatched record for safety.

High efficiency cooling units:

We design and manufacture in house one the most efficient chiller unit in the industry that is capable of cooling from 30°C to -30°C, and cooling units using cooling tower which has cooling ability of 50kW from 500kW.

Ultra Efficient Cooling System CKT Series:

  • Compact and all-in-one unit equipped with cooling tower, water purifier,water pump,heat exchanger and water tank.
  • Available for cold temperature by exchanging from cooling tower to chiller.This system allows space saving not achieved by outdoor setting types.
  • Equipped with water purifier,with resistance to rusting of pipes and sedimentation of a scale.As a result,use of thin piping can be accomplished.It can be used just give electricity since thie is equpped with control panel.

CKT Series offers:

Cooling Ability 30kW - 350kW
Temperature 32 - 3+5°C (5°C available with optional chiller)
Tank Size 1ton - 5ton
Coolong Pomp 1.5kW - 15kW
Electric Power 3φ200V / 60Hz
Unit Size 1500×1500×2500H - 2500×3500×4500H

Ultra Efficient cooling unit IP-CSeries:

  • Compact and indoor-use pure water circulation cooling system equipped with water / water heat exchanger.
  • It uses industrial water as primary cooling water.
  • It reduces occupied space by tanking layout in vertical direction and enables an arrangement of laboratory.

State of the art software and MMI:

All of our systems can use Takeuchi’s state of the art PC based FA/PA software for either monitoring the production line or:
Monitoring temperature, pressure, flow quantity ‘s various parameters, operation states, machine abnormality of positions, number of products and number of directivity.
In addition using this software the user can create database with the production information on the screen.

Thermal Plasma Equipment TA-TP1

TA-TP1 offers:

Output 35kW (15 - 200 kW available)
Frequency 4MHz
Power Supply 220 3phase, 80kvA
Vacuum Range below 0.13kPa
Pressure Control 15 - 40kPa (Auto)

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